TenX (PAY)

Crypto in Your Pocket

IF WE PEER beyond the hype, what is the main obstacle in the way of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption? The ability to use coins quickly and securely on a daily basis. TenX (PAY) wants all blockchain assets to be spendable anywhere, anytime. To begin this process, they’ve released a debit card for withdrawing from any ATM around the world, alongside iPhone, Android and desktop apps for sending, receiving and keeping track of your crypto funds.

Why would you invest in TenX? Like any other credit card issuer, the business model is to make money on fees. TenX profits by charging a small fee for every transaction that takes place through its debit card or on the apps. These fees will appear in real-time transparency, with no prior conversions into any local currency.This fee is split by three recipients; the merchant partner’s bank, Visa or Mastercard, and TenX, who issued the card.

Singapore-based TenX’s ultimate vision is for any asset on a blockchain, be it real estate, gold or a cryptocurrency, to be as useable as a $100 bill. The team came through PayPal’s incubator ‘Start Tank’, came first in a Blockchain Hackathon sponsored by DBS and IBM, and is supported by Citibank through its Citi Mobile Challenge in Asia Pacific. Early investors include Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, angel investor David Lee and Fenbushi Capital’s Bo Shen.

Circulating Supply: 109,200,361 PAY