Status (SNT)

Ethereum Goes Mobile

WITH WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM and WeChat (to name but a few) taking the lion’s share of the messenger market, a new player needs to bring something special to the table. Status’ goal is to facilitate the mass adoption of the best programmable public blockchain (Ethereum) and in doing so, become your mobile window into a galaxy of decentralized applications.

Technology experts suggest the main obstacle to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies is not governments, but user experience. By creating a user-friendly expression of the Ethereum network that’s available through app stores, the technical barriers to everyday use fall to zero. The company leading this change will benefit from exponential adoption.

While Status is an open source and community-driven project and its SNT (Status Network Token) cannot be mined, SNT has huge potential value within the Ethereum ecosystem. The token will allow users to interact with others, find jobs and hire people, buy insurance and get access to decentralized accounts, all with no restrictions.

Status was founded by Carl Bennets and Jarrad Hope, who previously ran a software distribution company together. They used the funds from that venture to bootstrap Status until its ICO in 2017, raising more than $100 million.

Circulating Supply: 3,470,483,788 SNT