Lisk (LSK)

Making Emerging Technology Trustworthy

FOR BLOCKCHAIN TO achieve its world-changing potential, it needs to beat a path to mass adoption. A general lack of technological education and unforgiving user interfaces have so far prevented it from landing in the hands of the average citizen. For Lisk (LSK), the catalyst for scale is their decision to use JavaScript, the most commonly used programming language in the world. Developers who are already fluent in JavaScript can jump straight into blockchain with Lisk and never look back.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and with a centralized team in Berlin, Lisk raised over 14,000 Bitcoins through its ICO in March, 2016, when the price was between $600-700. At the time of writing Bitcoin is hovering around $8,000, which means those initial funding assets have grown to be in the low nine figures. With a sizeable war chest and the barriers to entry lowered, Lisk can now facilitate social networks, games, messengers and other applications being built on sidechains independent of the main platform blockchain.

Unlike its more established competitor Ethereum, Lisk’s use of sidechains means it has the potential to scale faster. For founders Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows, this technical reality, combined with their ICO warchest, means the race is on: “We will basically take a developer by the hand or an entrepreneur and inspire and give you the necessary tools to come up with whatever you are dreaming of doing in the blockchain space,” says Kordek. “We will help you out. We will actively support the project and help with marketing.”

Circulating Supply: 108,417,808 LSK