Kyber Network (KNC)

Connecting the Tokenized World

MOST FOUNDERS WORKING in the crypto space have a story about the day they first understood the potential of blockchain technology. For Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network, it’s no different. “We were impressed by how fundamentally different and game-changing this technology was. In particular, the ability to run an entire global technological and economic system without relying on any centralized party felt like an entire new world.”

After finishing his Ph.D.and in Computer Sciences at the University of Singapore, Luu and his team raised $52 million to build a network based on three foundational pillars of the blockchain world; security, decentralization and scalability. If Bitcoin created the first token and Ethereum made the creation of new tokens easy, Kyber is making tokens useful by giving them a global liquidity network.

The future, according to Luu, is a place where anyone who owns tokens or buys into a tokenized hedge fund such as the Hive Index, can easily use the value of these tokens in all contexts. For example, buy a T-shirt with DigixDAO, spend Augur winnings on FunFair tokens, or take profits from investing in ICN to buy jewelry for a loved one, all with minimum friction.

Circulating Supply: 134,132,697 KNC