The ICON Project is Building One of the Largest Decentralized Networks in the World

POSITIONED AS A DECENTRALIZED public good, ICON is a project aimed at bridging the gap between ‘crypto’ and the ‘real’ world. Launched in October 2017, it’s already being used by healthcare, financial and educational institutions in South Korea. ICON was founded by the Dayli Financial Group, a Korean technology company that is worth over $4 billion.

The ICON vision is to hyperconnect a world powered by decentralized blockchains. In practice, this means that institutions will be able to operate without third-party networks that would normally both charge fees and slow down the process. So it eliminates the middle men involved in the transfer of data relating to, for example, stocks, games, securities, educational records and medical databases.

Min Kim, the chief strategy officer at Dayli Financial Group, told Forbes that ICON’s competitive advantage is simple: while many blockchain architects are developing projects that they hope people will use, ICON is building projects around existing needs and networks.

Circulating Supply: 400,230,000 ICX