Your Connection to the Distributed Economy

IN APRIL 2018, fintech startup Iconomi became the world’s first crypto company to complete a Proof of Solvency – a form of blockchain audit – performed by Deloitte, the largest ‘Big Four’ professional services firm in the world. Founded in 2016 by Tim Zagar and Jani Valjavec, Iconomi (ICN) has a mission to make it easy for anyone to invest in groups of digital tokens and cryptocurrency assets.

A straightforward analogy is to think of Iconomi as similar to a fund management platform. Instead of buying individual coins on different exchanges, you can invest in one of Iconomi’s Digital Asset Arrays (DAAs) – a name they have trademarked – which are run by a new breed of asset managers; experienced professionals from the crypto and traditional finance worlds. You then get to benefit from the stability of a diversified crypto investment.

These assets represent stakes in services like prediction markets, micro-payments, smart contracts, remittance, games, distributed computing and others. Gorazd Ocvirk, Director of the Blockchain Innovation Lab at Deloitte, says: “The audit is not only an important step towards building investor trust, but can also potentially be a first step towards a regulatory framework for crypto-based fund management platforms.”

Circulating Supply: 98,930,340 ICN