Golem (GNT)

Just a Global Supercomputer

WHEN YOU BUY a new phone, you don’t need to know how the little computer inside works, but you need it to be fast and reliable. For most people’s day-to-day tasks, this is enough. But what if your work requires computing power above and beyond what the everyman laptop can offer. What if you could tap into a global network of unused computing power?

For processing-heavy tasks such as CGI rendering, machine learning, and scientific computing, Golem is a decentralized, distributed supercomputer that will have the power to complete extremely complex requests. And in a similar spirit to the sharing economy (Golem has been dubbed the “Airbnb for computers”), you can share your unused or idle processing power with the Golem network and get rewarded in GNT (Golem Network Tokens). This will all take place on the Ethereum blockchain.

Golem is based in Poland, with team members working remotely across the world. Founder and CEO Julian Zawistowski is an economist by trade but switched to the blockchain space when he encountered Ethereum in 2013. He took the name from science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem’s novel Golem XIV, about a military supercomputer that achieved singularity and became a super artificial intelligence. “I believe we should — as an industry — focus on the development of technology and not get too excited about markets,” he said.

Circulating Supply: 959,242,000 GNT