DigixDAO (DGD)

Gold on the Blockchain

FOR CENTURIES, gold has been humanity’s stable store of value, culminating in a current overall valuation of about $8 trillion. Now, there’s a cryptocurrency that marries the benefits of blockchain technology with the king of precious metals.

The two main problems with investing in gold today are security costs and management fees. Digix provides investors with a tokenized version of gold (DGX) so that you don’t have to physically own or store it or pay through the nose to trade it. Meanwhile, DGD is a governance ERC20 token. Fees collected by DigixDAO from buying and selling tokenized gold are distributed among DGD holders, with a fixed supply of 2,000,000 DGD. Those who hold DGD can use it to pledge on DigixDAO proposals, with the goal of increasing DGX adoption and therefore DGD value.

Operating since 2014 and located in Singapore, the Digix team are veterans of the Ethereum space, having conducted the first ever ICO in March 2016. Chief Technology Officer Anthony Eufemio was the first person to send a transaction on the mainnet and Digix was the first ever decentralized application launched on the network.

Circulating Supply: 2,000,000 DGD