Dash is Focused on Privacy and Speed

DASH FOUNDER EVAN Duffield grew up in a small town in Arizona, developing an interest in computer programming as a teenager. He first came across Bitcoin in 2010. He was very impressed, describing the technology as “earth shattering”, but he wanted to make transactions easier and to add anonymity to the protocol. So Duffield took the core Bitcoin code and made his own cryptocurrency, Dash.

Dash – a portmanteau of Digital Cash – is already accepted by many everyday merchants you’ll recognize, including Apple. By market cap, it’s become a staple top ten cryptocurrency, complemented by an ever-growing number of Dash-compatible ATMS around the world.

“Dash is in many ways a better Bitcoin,” says Ryan Tailor, who took over from Duffield as CEO in 2017. “It is quickly incorporating payments industry best-practices that the digital currency industry has lacked. Dash transactions lock within a couple of seconds due to our revolutionary second-tier masternode network, making Dash acceptance feasible at the point of sale and online, just like credit cards.”

Unlike Bitcoin, Dash runs as a business, with the financial clout to hire top developers and spend money on marketing. If Bitcoin becomes where you store your money, Dash may be how you spend it.

Circulating Supply: 8,204,706 DASH